My Autism & Me

An enlightening film about autism, specifically Aspergers, amongst other variants. The full complexity of these mental disorders are not yet known, but those ‘afflicted’ are specialized people, in that they experience the world in a specific way, such that ‘normal’ people might never understand. Imagination, affection, humor and the idiosyncrasies of existence are uniquely experienced and absorbed, in ways that non-autistic individuals can scarcely appreciate.

To say we have much to learn from autistic people is an understatement. The nature of the mind as a landscape, yet sometimes as a prison, is never more evident than when we see it in children. This playful, yet moving film shows us that standing apart and alone is not always a disease, but a challenge and process towards conscious and emotional evolution, no matter what hands we have been dealt.

“I am perfectly normal, everyone else is weird. The entire world is weird; I’m fine.”

Released: 2012

Similar films of interest: Mary and Max (trailer below):


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