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Very early recording of the fabulous Golden Gate Quartet, a Do-Wop style vocal group formed in 1934, which amazingly is still active today (albeit with changes of membership). They’re singing ‘Hush’, a gorgeous tune reminiscent of the somnambulant effects of many Paul Robeson songs.


Released: Live from Yugoslavia.1967.

Dolls are creepy to begin with; they’re the manifestation of a person’s desire to recreate themselves, and so have a vested interest in looking marginally disturbing. They are frequently and overtly child-like in appearance too, and this short plays on both themes to bring you an altogether terrifying piece of art, bundled into what appears to be a light-hearted story. Don’t be fooled.

Thank you Rachel C. for the recommendation.

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

Written and Directed by: Rodrigo Blaas

Link: Alma

A few things went through my mind with this, firstly that perhaps it was simply a CGI showcase.

Secondly, maybe I’m just watching a sci-fi film where humans don’t exist anymore and the animals have inherited the Earth.

Thirdly… giraffes are frikkin’ weird looking creatures when you stare at them for long enough…

5 mètres 80 from Nicolas Deveaux on Vimeo.

Directed: Nicolas Deveaux