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Using mixed media, including oil, two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, this melancholy story is woven from the story of two boys, drawn to different paths, violently re-connected. Its bleak tones reminded me of The Snowman by Briggs, and contained a timeless noir akin to Program, directed by Kawajiri from the Animatrix series. The fourth film by Hisko Hulsing, I’ll be following his work closely.


Written and Directed by Hisko Hulsing

Released: 2014


A rich and whimsically shot piece with a humorous message for the procrastinator. My eye was drawn especially to the coloring, the extremely serious expression on Ms. July’s face and little details such as the curled meniscus of cranberry juice over the egg-shell frock.

Miranda July’s website is worth the visit too to see other examples of her film, performance and other artistic expressions.

By: Miranda July