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I’ve been keeping a close eye on Neill Blomkamp and I’ve only just found this four year old short made back in 2010. Mimicking a corporate promotional film, it shows the ‘future in law enforcement’ on the streets of a South African city. The flawlessly executed CGI we were wowed by in ‘Distict 9’ (and to a lesser extent in ‘Elysium’) is right here – the future is here, unassuming and integrated. It’s a little terrifying, very political and really cool.

Similar to ‘Alive in Joburg’, it’s also slated for a full-feature length adaptation as Chappie in early 2015.

Directed by Neill Blomkamp

Released: 2010


I won’t be the first to post this, but I don’t mind; this glorious and innovative piece of film-making both drives home the core message, that this is war and your secure existence is not exempt, and also delivers a powerful narrative that paints a chronological deterioration of a young child in single second flashes.

Released: 2013

Directed by Martin Stirling


A delightfully whimsical excerpt edited from the 1928 film ‘A Mysterious Lady’, overlaid with a cover of The Pixies song ‘Where Is My Mind’, in the form a delicate piano piece played by Maxence Cyrin. A mash-up of a film, with a soundtrack made from the cover of a song. Oh the world today.


8 bit graphics from a made-up video game ‘Nomad X’ (a take on the classic ‘Frontier Elite’) are the vehicle by which we learn about the narrators break-up. Cleverly done by using a ‘Let’s Play’ format synonymous with YouTube shows that curiously give you the opportunity to watch someone else play a video game, the action changes to match the events described. Charming and sad, but strangely hopeful.

Directed by: Kristian Andrews