She may contain the urge to run away
But hold her down with soggy clothes and breezeblocks
Germolene, disinfect the scene
My love, my love, love, love
But please don’t go, I love you so, my lovely

It’s hard to watch Breezeblocks, music video to Alt-J’s dark melody and not think in stylistic terms of Nolan’s Memento, or even Noe’s Irreversible, a disturbing gradually unfolding hostage story that leaves us doubting who exactly is originator of the crimes.

A tale of domestic violence, possession and obsessive affection, Bahl makes strong use of macro shots, bleak tones and common household themes. Whereas Wolfe’s Take Me To Church uses suburban normality as a contrast to the underlying violence, this film uses the metropolitan apartment, the place next door to add tension and immediacy, with hip, trendy characters and fashionable minimalist decor. The finished product is one that leaves the viewer uneasy for a long time afterwards. A deserving winner of the UK Music Video Award for “Best Alternative Video” in 2012.



Directed by: Ellis Bahl

Released: 2012


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