Wonderful and disturbing short film, currently making the rounds at the festivals and soaking up the well deserved awards. The escalation is artfully handled and the twists are effective; what starts as a tale of almost cliched middle-America and ’50’s Midwest sensibilities moves steadily into a tale of innocence lost and grief.

Directed by Josh Tanner

Released: 2014


Josh Tanner




8 bit graphics from a made-up video game ‘Nomad X’ (a take on the classic ‘Frontier Elite’) are the vehicle by which we learn about the narrators break-up. Cleverly done by using a ‘Let’s Play’ format synonymous with YouTube shows that curiously give you the opportunity to watch someone else play a video game, the action changes to match the events described. Charming and sad, but strangely hopeful.

Directed by: Kristian Andrews

An amazingly choreographed picture that demonstrates mastery of the long shot, taking us from the tourism of Rome to the chaos of war-time Sarajevo. Brutal and affectionate.

(I apologize for the quality, I was unable to find a version with better resolution and audio)

Released: 2002

Directed by: Ahmed Imamović

Many zombie films pass through. Short films by bad bad film makers do the same. This is not one of them. An extremely simple theme, with an extremely simply idea, it makes you want to make re-watch them all, but with a totally different mindset. Brilliant.

Thanks to John for the recommendation.

Directed by: Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke

Released: 2013

I’m hooked on films lately that represent the beautiful and surreal beneath the surface – and this short is a good addition. The acting isn’t great, and it has that rather tired DSLR creaminess which I’m seeing all over the place. I can’t place the genre either (I’m going sci-fi for categories sake). Saying that, I was won over, dramatically, and I’d like to see more work by this director.

Milk Run from Josh Penn Soskin on Vimeo.

Directed by: Josh Soskin

Released: 2013