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Using mixed media, including oil, two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, this melancholy story is woven from the story of two boys, drawn to different paths, violently re-connected. Its bleak tones reminded me of The Snowman by Briggs, and contained a timeless noir akin to Program, directed by Kawajiri from the Animatrix¬†series. The fourth film by Hisko Hulsing, I’ll be following his work closely.


Written and Directed by Hisko Hulsing

Released: 2014

The best music videos tell a story, and this is no exception. The imagery dramatically portrays a Gotham-esque city and the pace of the vehicle matches the electronic heartbeat of the music. Perfect film for a fantastic song.

Depeche Mode – Wrong from Depeche Mode on Vimeo.

Directed by: Patrick Daughters

Released 2009/10