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A few things went through my mind with this, firstly that perhaps it was simply a CGI showcase.

Secondly, maybe I’m just watching a sci-fi film where humans don’t exist anymore and the animals have inherited the Earth.

Thirdly… giraffes are frikkin’ weird looking creatures when you stare at them for long enough…

5 mètres 80 from Nicolas Deveaux on Vimeo.

Directed: Nicolas Deveaux

Snippets and clips of a world alien to my own but that I’m inspired to visit. I’m partial to the graininess, especially so to the de-saturated simplicity. I’m taken by the words, the timing of the images, the minimalism countered by the clutter. There is monotony of urban living, gently moulded in with humanity, a balance between the two.

Very good.

Fragments Of Time from Daniele Manoli on Vimeo.

Directed by:  Daniele Manoli

Released: 2013


Another departure from the usual showcase of short films – however short snippets underline the value of good filmmaking also. Scenes like this are so easily drowned in an ocean of imagery and the value is lost, yet it’s the combination of scenes like these, and countless others, that compose the fabric of a feature-length film, and bring us the pleasure they do – even if we’re not aware of it.

The View: A "Back-to-the-Camera Shot" Montage from Plot Point Productions on Vimeo.

Released: 2013 by Plot Point Productions

Not quite a short fictional film, just a tiny film made about a tiny area of human habitation hovering above a tiny area of space, otherwise known as the International Space Station. Representing the very pinnacle of envy that can be inspired in me, this film shows some practical advise for getting some shut-eye in space.

Many zombie films pass through. Short films by bad bad film makers do the same. This is not one of them. An extremely simple theme, with an extremely simply idea, it makes you want to make re-watch them all, but with a totally different mindset. Brilliant.

Thanks to John for the recommendation.

Directed by: Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke

Released: 2013