Open Eye Signal


This week I’m presenting two videos featuring music by Jon Hopkins, one of my favourite electronic music producers.

First up is Open Eye Signal, directed by Aoife McArdle. Before even seeing the video, I was a big fan of the song as it brought to mind a vibe similar to Hold Tight London by The Chemical Brothers; combining a rolling beat, hope and movement. The video cleverly incorporates freedom in a total sense, that of running away from the past; negative, and towards the future; the hopeful. There isn’t one without the other, it tells us.

The boy, bruised, bitter and fleeing from an unnamed threat, moves through contrasting sweeps of open landscapes and closed suburbia, differing climates and varying degrees of wealth. The expert use of  focal depth and color tone (signature features of McArdle’s work) highlights and obscures aspects of the journey he takes. Bruises heal, peace rises, the playfulness and joy in him develops, fears lessen; all to the melodic and meditative pulse.

Directed by Aoife McArdle

Released: 2013



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